Letsense Group Staff

In the ocasion of Christmas 2015 , Letsense thanks all the italian and croatian staff

With the support of new young engineers and techician the development of the products of Letsense and WIVA increases during 2015 and we are ready to enter a new 2016 full of satisfactions

Expecially the WIVA products will have...

Published december 31, 2015

TAIWAN - LorAn & Wiva products

A visit to our best customers in Taiwan . GoodArch uses our systems in their main facility and in all thier shops.

The chinese market appreciate Letsense products.


  Published november 10, 2015


Wiva will be presented in Taipei at the international Cycle show next 2 March. Visitors can check the new app pro for android with all the 4 postion ready and the new app for IOS . Also the web software will be presented. We expect a lot of interest in this device because it is the first one and the only one that can chek the...

Published february 25, 2016

Functional assessment in physical therapy.

follow-up meeting

Bologna, 2015 May 16 - at 9 - ZAN Hotel Via Saliceto 8 - 40100 Bentivoglio (Bologna)


The technological development in the field of inertial sensors allowed in the recent years the development of new devices for the functional evaluation in physiotherapy. The possibility to...

Published february 23, 2015




WIVA CYCLING will be ufficially presented to USA market . After Europe and Asia also the United States will know this new and powerfull device.

The cyclist and the biomechanical specialist will...

Published march 01, 2016

COSMOBIKE VERONA (ITALY) 16-19 September 2016



Come to COSMOBIKE 2016 to see the new WIVA...

Published september 01, 2016
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